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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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Wanted (Book 1 Wanted Series)

Wanted - Kelly Elliott This book is at least 200 pages too long. The repetition drove me crazy, and the countless typos and grammatical errors didn't help either. I lost count of how many times Ellie and Gunner (what a stupid nickname!) mentioned their knees went weak just by seeing the other smiled, laughed. Besides, the author kept using "where" instead of "were", "staring" instead of "starring", "were" instead of "we're", present tense when it should have been past tense... and many other errors.

At the beginning I really enjoyed this book. Ellie was not that annoying at first, neither were the rest of the characters. By chapter 30 or so, everything went downhill. I couldn't tell how many times I rolled my eyes; maybe at least as many times as Ellie (and most of the female characters) cried. Even though the author tried to make Ellie sound sweet and innocent, she made Ellie (and Ari) curse like her life depended on it. For a sweet innocent girl, Ellie sure did know how to drop f-bombs.

If you like cheesy, unrealistic and dragging romance with lots of typos and grammatical errors and pathetic characters, knock yourself out.