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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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Make it Last - Bethany Lopez I would have loved this one better if only it hadn't been so messy. I really like the theme actually since this book (or series as a whole) focuses on friendship and (romantic) relationship.

It started out quite good. I guess I knew why Colin broke up with Brianna. Long distance relationship sucks! Brianna was devastated and vowed never to give him a second chance. But when he came back and decided he missed her and wanted them back together, it was enough to change her mind. I expected more frustrating tension between them, but Brianna gave in too fast.

Besides, I am not sure if it is because this book is the first in the series or what, but too many characters were being introduced and each had their own problems and it was a bit hard to keep track of everything.