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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters Finishing this book did require me to put in a lot of effort. I am still not sure if I really enjoyed the book or what. I guess I did like the book somehow, but there is something about this book that makes it hard for me to really enjoy it.

First of, I wish the author had not included steamy/sex scenes that were just too graphic. The main characters were still in high school and of course, it is not strange for high schoolers to be sexually active. Still, the scenes were just too graphic that at times, I felt like I were reading an erotica.

Moreover, the typos were just too distracting. Sometimes, "I" was written in lower case, in stead of "a little of this", it was written "I little of this", "Knoingw" in stead of "knowing". Even Clay's father's name was also spelled differently - first "Nickolas", then "Nicholas".