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Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes This book was exhausting! I feel like I'd just finished running a thousand miles and I am EXHAUSTED! For starter, I never have problems reading books with love-triangle, bad-tempered boys, insecure girls (maybe a little bit) or secret/twisted pasts. However, this book annoyed me immensely.

Emma was so frustrating. She kept pushing away her feelings for Scott, but her actions were speaking otherwise. It was like she was playing some kind of twisted mind game. Besides, she was the most clueless character I've ever read. Again and again, she asked herself why Scott was upset, why Scott was acting like this, why Scott said that... while the answers were right in front of her. And she GIGGLED! OMG I wanted to smack her in the face just for that alone.

Scott was a weird character, and I think it was because of his mood swings. One second he was all over Emma and in the blink of an eye, he threw his temper around like a 3 year-old. He constantly said he wanted to be with Emma, yet he still slept around and sometimes made out with different chicks in front of her. Seriously? It didn't make sense whatsoever. Yes, I know a lot of people here think he is FREAKING HOT, but not me. I thought he was a complete douche for being a manslut.

I was told that writing a love-triangle was difficult for an author since sometimes the author fell in love with both characters which made it hard to decide which one to choose. Maybe it was true for Cora Hawkes. I still could believe that the author just turned Adam into a jerk that quickly. From the beginning of the book up until Emma and Adam slept together, Adam was such a nice, if not great, boyfriend. All of a sudden, he became a totally different guy.

There were several confusing scenes in this book also. For instance, she said... "He (Adam) was a cool guy and it was as though I was cheating on him even though I wasn't really." Well, she said this after she kissed Scott. Last time I checked kissing another guy while having a boyfriend is considered as cheating.

On top of these, there were several of typos and tons of words missing apostrophes that I couldn't overlook. It was distracting and since the book was not that interesting to me, it made reading (and trying to finish) this book even harder for me.