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52 Reasons to Hate My Father - Jessica Brody Review originally posted in: http://yaobsession.blogspot.com/2012/11/52-reasons-to-hate-my-father-author.html#comment-form

How should I begin? This book is just out-of-this-world good. It is a kind of book that you pick up and cannot put down until you finish the last page and wish there were more than just 352 pages. This is how I feel about this book.

Lexi was a spoiled rich girl. A diva. So it was obvious I did not like her much when I began reading the book. Her attitude was so over the top! She did not appreciate how luck she was to have everything she ever wanted. She was rude and over-of-control. To set Lexi straight, her father made her perform in 52 different jobs. Of course she had another choice. She could refuse not to follow what her father had set out for her, but she would lose her 25-million-dollar trust fund. So yes, Lexi wanted that trust fund; therefore, she had to take on those 52 jobs. The jobs taught Lexi to be more than just another rich, beautiful girl.

Some parts of the book might be a little over the top. Such as the fact that Lexi, except being spoiled, was almost too perfect to be true. She was rich, smart, beautiful and despite her less-than-perfect behavior, people seemed to like her anyway. Well, it was not a big problem for me though. I enjoyed the book and the way the author told the story was so captivating.

I have always enjoyed the books that are unpredictable and this book is just that. I loved the twist and the ending was just amazing. Oh, how could I forget to mention Luke? He was so adorable. As much as he had helped Lexi get through her "assignment", Lexi also taught him how to enjoy life more. To loosen up a bit. I loved their chemistry. And the fact that it was not another instant love connection like some books I have read recently made it even more interesting to see how they fell in love.

In short, I loved the book! It is well-written with great characters and plots.