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What Happens Next - Colleen Clayton Such an amazing book! It was just flawless that I really don't know what to start with. The characters, the plots and pace was just simply brilliant. My heart ached for Sid, for what had happened to her, for how people treated her... But I was somehow happy that it happened, otherwise she would not have met Corey. Their paths would have never crossed and we would not have this fascinating book.

What I truly loved about this book was the fact that the main characters were human beings. In several books I have read, the main characters were so unreal. They are flawlessly beautiful, super smart, extremely charming and so on. Please! No one is that perfect. I was glad that Sid was not out-of-this-world pretty or had 4.0 GPA. She was just... normal.

And Corey. God, what should I say? I want a Corey too. He was so sweet and romantic. He might not be super smart or very handsome or popular at school, but who cares? I really liked his character. Well, I liked every characters in the book, but Corey was my favorite.

In short, Ms. Colleen Clayton has become one of my favorite authors. I am totally looking forward to read her next book.

Originally posted here: Gisbelle's YA Obsession