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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally OMG... I looooooooooove this book! So freaking good. I secretly wished Jordan be with Henry since beginning of book... and the end has never been any better!

This book is a must-read! I love this book so much and cannot wait to read another of Ms. Kenneally's work. This one of books is simply fantastic. It's clean, precise, funny, romantic, and straight-to-the-point. I strongly recommend this one to the bookish who are like me... hopeless romantic!

First thing that attracted me about this book is the cover. Duh... like always! I love browsing through books and select the ones that have the best covers of the bunch. This one won... hands down! Just one look at the cover and I was like, have to read it.

The inside of the book is not a disappointment either. Each page is just as good as the last one. I love how the author added in a lot of humor. The wording is easy to understand and straight forward, and that's the most important part of any books. Sometimes, I find myself having fun reading a book, but it is just too abstract, messy and too much detail, which is kinda like a turnoff to me.

Here comes spoiler! If you have not read the book yet, I recommend not to read what comes ahead.

Frankly speaking, I was secretly wishing for Jordan to fall for Henry since the beginning. Who doesn't want to fall in love with your best friend? Someone who knows you and loves you for your true self. When she thinks she loves Ty, I was a bit disappointed since I was looking forward to read about Jordan and Henry's road to romance. Hard to judge Jordan when Ty is hot like hell and Henry is not making any move, but pushing her to date Ty. It is a selfless love! And I'm completely falling in love with Henry for that. When Jordan realizes that the one Henry loves is her... I was like, told ya! It is just sweet, very sweet.

I wish there were many other books out there like this one.

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