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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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You'll Be Safe Here (Promises, Prayers & Secrets Series, Book 1) - Kristine Pierce Provided by the author for review purpose

Isabelle, aka Bella, is in a completely messed up relationship. Her boyfriend Gabriel is making a living by hurting other people. Bella loves him despise of everything he has been doing since he was also the one who saved her when no one else did. Then she meets Scal. With his help and support, Bella tried to untangle herself from Gabriel and his organization.

I liked how the story developed. Even it was just over 40 pages, I knew a lot about Bella and Gabriel, how they met and why Bella put up with Gabriel. Each scene was well written and the ending was also pretty nice.

What bothered me was how Scal reacted after Bella told him about Gabriel and what he did for a living. His first question was "He doesn't hurt you , does he?", which I thought was a bit strange. Well, it was nice that Scal worried about Bella's well-being, but if I were Scal, I would try to talk Bella into leaving Gabriel or at least try to do something about it besides just giving her his phone number. However, later on Scal offered to take Bella away with him to Ukraine, which was a bit unbelievable since they just met, like, 3 times and he was willing to give up that much just for her.

Anyway, Scal's reactions asides, this book is a pretty decent read. I really enjoyed myself a great deal and I am definitely going to read more of this series.