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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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Clash (Crash, #2) - Nicole  Williams He didn't ride in on a white horse or say all the right things at just the right time. But he was my prince. He would have been the kind I wrote about if I'd written all those fairy tales.

This book continues Jade and Lucy's story.

I read and finished this book in one sitting since it was not that long and also the story was pretty engaging that I couldn't put the book down. However, comparing to the first book, this one was a bit weaker.

I loved the jealous side of Jude. He was hotter in this book if it was even possible. However, there were a few points that bugged me.

First, I knew that Jude's father was in jail because he killed Lucy's big brother. But I am still confused why Jude suddenly got all furious during that Thanksgiving lunch. It was just a little dramatic even for him to react that way.

Second, why didn't Jude say anything when Adrianna talked about how much he wanted her in front of Lucy? It seemed to me like Jude had a thing for Adrianna also otherwise he at least would have told her to stop or something.