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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling This book is wrong in so many levels. I am not going to write a review now because I don't have anything respectful to say. Later maybe.


I chose to read this book when I heard it was somehow similar to Beautiful Disaster since they both had bad tempered main characters and everything. I generally don't mind bad [fictional] boys. They are hot and since I enjoyed Beautiful Disaster so much, I was so excited to start this book. Boy, never have I ever been so disappointed! Everything about this book was just wrong.

Let's start with Cassie, the main female character. She kept mentioning how her life had been screwed by her father not keeping his promises. Please! Parents lie sometimes, nothing is out of ordinary. Deal with it. I didn't understand how just her father never kept his end of the deal messed her up so badly. Dramatic much?

Now about Jack Carter. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What should I say? I didn't find his bad temper hot at all. I admit I like reading about possessive/bad tempered boys, but Jack was more irritable than he was hot. I really hated the way he treated women (other than his "Kitten"). Even those women were so annoying. he should not have said those things to them:
"Oh, so you're not a stripper, you're a whore?" ~ Jack said this to Cassie when he met her the first time. Very charming, right?
"... I'll find someone to teach you a little respect." ~ Jack said to Andrea when she tried to ask him to go to a party with her. So what now? Threatening a woman?
"I'm sure you were always a slut..." ~ Jack said to Chrystle after their night together. It takes two to do what they had done.

I did not feel the romance. Jack started pursuing Cassie like crazy after only met her once and it was like 5 minutes. It was a bit too fast. It was too desperate and I felt like the author just wanted to get it over with. The night they slept together for the first time was not how I had imagined it would be. First Cassie said she was not ready. And of course, Jack said it was ok, he would wait, blah, blah. Then he said he loved her and guess what? Cassie was ready. It took around 5 minutes and 3 words for Cassie to be ready. That was convenient.

How the author kept mention the same things over and over again was just so exhausting. I lost count how many time Cassie rolled her eyes. It drove me over the edge. And the F-bomb. Is it so necessary that almost every YA and NA book now have the f-words? I am not a writer (obviously), but I don't think a good book depends on how many F-bombs it has.
My phone vibrated in my pocket and I reached in and pulled it out. Text from Melissa. My f*cking savior...

I am glad that some people enjoy their time reading this book. Maybe it is just not a book for me, so I am not going to say I had a good time reading this book.

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