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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker I was so exciting to start this book since Livie was one of my most favorite characters from book one. It didn't disappoint because I really enjoyed it so much, almost as much as I did the previous book.

In book one, Livie was a sweet girl in her early teen who loved to be around little children. In One Tiny Lie, Livie tried to overcome her fear and insecurity, and hopefully discovered who she really was along the way. Livie, now eighteen, became more daring in this book. Maybe it was the result from what Dr. Stayner had been working on. How I love this weirdo!

The other characters such as Connor, Ashton and Reagan were also very well-written.

This book may not be as heart-breathing as the previous one, but it still had me close to tears in several occasions when the secret was revealed bit by bit.