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I love reading practically any genres, except historical romance. However, I tend to read more contemporary than fantasy.

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Battle Royale - Koushun Takami It was the most terrifying version of musical chairs imaginable.
This book is Huger Games on steroid. If you have read and loved The Huger Games trilogy, you are definitely going to love this one. Maybe even more.

I had a difficult time at first trying to remember all the names since they were Japanese names. Luckily, later on the names didn't give me any problem. I got to know those students (there were 42 of them) and witnessed how they died. It was gruesome. All blood and gore.

That might be one thing I loved about this book more than The Hunger Games - knowing how each of the students die. In The Hunger Games, I saw everything only through Katniss's eyes. Therefore, I only knew how anyone died if they were killed when Katniss was around. In Battle Royale, however, I had the chance to see the story unfold through all students. In other words, this book was told in multiple point of views. Normally multiple POV tends to confuse me, but this time I loved it to bit.

This book is a must-read for all The Hunger Games fans.