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Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen This is not how I thought this book would turn out to be. It was dark and not as romantic as the other books written by this author.

Let's start with what I liked about this book. I always love fast-paced books, so yes, that was one thing I liked about this book. Even at times, it felt a little repetitive, it was still a page-turner. Besides, I liked the suspense. It kept me engaged with the story and the characters.

What I didn't like about this book might outweigh the above-mentioned points.

First of, I didn't feel the romance. I wasn't convinced that both Nova and Quinton were more than make-out buddies. Of course, they seemed to care for one another, but that didn't feel they were in love or anything. Their being together were anything but romantic, not to mention, the awkwardness of the almost-sex scenes.

This book is pretty similar to The Coincidence series, just a tad darker and so much drama that might not be suitable for some people. I couldn't believe how drugs played such an important role in this book. Almost everyone was druggie which was not a problem much. At least not at first. As the story developed and more scenes involved drugs were thrown in, I felt like the book lost me somewhere along the way.

Some characters were confusing. I had a feeling that the author might want to keep some secrets, such as why Delilah let Dylan treat her that way, so that more books will be written based on that in the future. Usually I don't care much about supporting characters, but I would have appreciated more background stories in this one.

Well, enough ranting. Drug problems asides, it was a decent book. I did have a good time reading it, even not as much as I had expected. I think I'll read book 2 just to indulge my curiosity.